Steven Griffin

 [ Theology. Water. Photography. ]


I am a podcaster, photographer, water resources management professional, and (occasional) writer, based in sunny Fort Collins, Colorado.

My theological content wrestles with orthodox Christian exegesis and thought through the lens of progressive and courageous academic scholarship.  It is ideal for Christians who are struggling to grasp the relevance of their faith and beliefs, as well as former Christians who have become disillusioned at the seeming lack of critical discourse and input into their spiritual life. 

Finally, I strive to present theological material such that the intellectually and spiritually curious of other creeds and faiths might benefit from my non-dogmatic approach.  (Note that I don't claim to be "objective"...though I do make the attempt.)

The themes of my photography and (forthcoming) timelapse explorations have thus far focused primarly upon landscapes and esoteric urban curiosities.  I hope that you enjoy viewing them.