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What can we learn from the 1st century rabbis about modern living, or from the Desert Fathers?  Was Joseph seduced, and was that really the point of the story in Genesis?  What is a spiritual vocation?  The Podcast is an occasional (once per every couple months on average) voice reflecting what I have been studying, conversations I've been having, or newsworthy events in the Christian sphere. 

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A " Christian Essentials" toolbox...

Not a dry and dusty journey through a systematic theology text.  But an exploration, pulling from current academic scholarship, theological movements, and my own (moderately to heavily biased) experience after 30-some years as a pilgrim of Christ.

Is the "Romans Road" really encapsulating the necessity of salvation?  Should we expect healings (or anything else, for that matter) when we pray?  Where did the Bible come from, anyway, and who got to decide what content was included and what got tossed onto the editing floor?  Should Hell actually be concerning us at this very moment, and should it be a primary motivation for evangelism - or is the popular concept hopelessly out of whack with the Scriptural intent?  And that pesky creation story...what gives?  Literal, or not, or wrong question?

Anticipated launch: Spring 2018
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